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Nancy ZambellNancy Zambell, Editor of UnTapped Opportunities, has enjoyed a well-diversified career in the financial services industry.

She uses her twenty-two years of knowledge and experience to select the very best investments for her subscribers each month. Her credit analysis expertise is a result of eight years lending money in the banking industry and several years developing statistical models to rate banks and brokerage companies for a research firm.

Nancy honed her investment analysis skills and made a name for herself as a securities analyst in the brokerage industry. But she quickly became disenchanted, not only with the lack of knowledge and objectivity in that industry, but especially with the uncaring attitude toward their customers' ultimate financial security. Result: In 1995, she created the investment newsletter, UnDiscovered Stocks, to address the needs of the individual investor.

She spun off to her own organization in June 1998 with the development of her UnTapped Opportunities investment newsletter, which is 100% owned and operated by her. UnTapped Opportunities provides subscribers with excellent investment recommendations, as well as the education needed to create and sustain a lifetime of successful investing.

All of this experience has culminated in the wealth of knowledge necessary to understand financial reports and the profit potential of the companies that she researches and analyzes for her subscribers.

Nancy's investment philosophy is based on simple value concepts - buy solid, fundamentally strong companies, and hold them for the long-term, usually a period of one to two years.

Nancy's educational accomplishments include graduation in the top five percent of her class with a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the Ohio State University.

She was also the top student in her class when she graduated from the Florida School of Banking. In addition, she graduated with Honors from the Florida Commercial Lending School.

She is in demand as a lecturer and educator, volunteering her time and expertise leading seminars for individual investors through such nationally known organizations as the National Association of Investors, Wealth Expo, the New York Investment Expo and various Money Shows, as well as occasionally teaching classes at a local college.

Her reputation has extended to Wall Street, where she has often been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Online, Money Show Digest, Medical Economics, Investors Business Daily, USA Today, and Business Week, as well as numerous local and regional publications.

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